Port Shorts Festival and FNQ visit

This year for the first time ATOM QLD provided support to Port Shorts Film Festival hosted in Port Douglas. The support provided consisted of a masterclass on writer’s block, a panel on the FTVnM industry and judging the Port Shorts Young Filmmakers Award.

Natasha Pincus filmmaker, Moneth Montemayor ATOM QLD President, Jake Girgenti Port Shorts Young Filmmaker Winner, Stephen Curry actor and Port Shorts Ambassador, Matt Hearn filmmaker and Port Shorts Ambassador and Music Video Awards winner Paul Sinkovich and Frank Frikker.

The Port Shorts Festival format allowed media educators and students engage in masterclasses run by industry as well as the opportunity to network with like-minded people. Masterclasses included acting, cinematography, sound, script writing and drone cinematography workshops. As a media educator it was incredible to see students from a range of Far North QLD schools actively taking notes, asking questions and engaging in the workshops. It is a reminder of the importance of why opportunities to collaborate across schools and with Industry is so important.

The Port Shorts Festival also encompassed two evenings showcasing a shortlist of films in the following categories: Port Shorts Young Filmmakers Award, Music Video Award, Shout Out Award, Open Category, Local Category, Audience Choice Award and Port Shorts Jury Prize. This year the quality of the work was taken to new heights and no decision was made lightly with Jury members taking a considerable amount of time to reach a consensus.

Rain Ward winner of the Audience Shout Award and Eliot Davidson, ATOM QLD FNQ Representative and Port Shorts Youth Festival Director.

ATOM QLD would like to acknowledge the Port Shorts team for the tremendous amount of work that goes into a festival with a format that goes beyond showcasing films. In particular, ATOM QLD recognizes and appreciates the commitment and effort ATOM QLD Far North QLD regional representative, Elliot Davidson, has contributed to connecting media teachers and students to Industry.


Following Port Shorts festivities Far North QLD teachers met to discuss the success of the Port Shorts Festival and how ATOM QLD can provide further support to the region. A big thank you to ATOM QLD FNQ representative Greta Evangelista for organising the meeting and for continuing to support FNQ media educators.


We now look forward to 2018 and I strongly encourage you to check out www.portshorts.com

-Moneth Montemayor

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