Nomination for the Inaugural Helen Yeates Award for Excellence in Media Education


Do you know someone who has contributed significantly to Media Education?

In recognition of her service to Media Education in Queensland and Australia, in 2017 Australian Teachers of Media, Qld introduced the Helen Yeates Award for Excellence in Media Education.

Helen has had more impact on the introduction and development of Media Education in Queensland than any other individual, through her activities as:

  • One of the founders of Australian Teachers of Media in Queensland, and an early ATOM Qld President during the organisation’s formative years
  • Chair of National Media Education Conferences that promoted the expansion of Media Education in Australia.
  • Advocacy for the development of Media Education curriculum in Queensland
  • Development of Media Curriculum as a teaching area at QUT
  • An innovative contributor in the field of creative industries theory and practice
  • Supporting the Brisbane International Film Festival and other major film culture events
  • An inspirational teacher and mentor of undergraduate and post graduate students in film and television at QUT.



  • Growth in curriculum area – engaging others, cross curricular

This criterion recognises the ability of an individual or team to promote the growth of media education in a school or across a district. Examples might include the introduction of media arts or senior film and television in a manner that has significant impact within a school or district. It might equally include support and mentoring of other media teachers in a district, or more broadly.


  • Social/cultural impact (reach, fostering diversity, social justice)

This criterion recognises the ability of an individual or team to develop a program of media education that has a social or cultural impact in the school or broader community. Examples might include the use of a student film festival to promote diversity.


  • Innovation and creativity – curriculum, pedagogy, use of technology

This criterion recognises the ability of an individual or team to implement highly innovative approaches to teaching media, through leading edge curriculum pedagogical practices or use of emerging technologies, demonstrating exceptional creativity of approach and execution.


APPLICATION DEADLINE: Monday, Week 2, Term 4 2017 – Monday 9th October

PRESENTATION at the State Conferenec: November 3rd, 4:30pm at QUT Creative Industries, Kelvin Grove

Download the nomination form here HL_AWARD NOMINATION FORM final

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