Join the 2024 Asia Pacific Young Audience Award jury!

The Asia Pacific Young Audience Awards are a partnership between ATOMQld and the Asia Pacific Screen Academy, and provide students with the opportunity to engage with incredible films they might never have the opportunity to see again.

Students view the three nominated films, determine the winner through facilitated critical discussions, and at the end of the day, receive an EXCLUSIVE opportunity to speak, live, with the filmmakers themselves!

This year, the APYAA expands not only to the Gold Coast, but also internationally, to BRUNEI!!! With venues in Ipswich,Rockhampton, Gympie and Brisbane also returning to host juries!

The event, which will occur simultaneously on Saturday 31 August,  is open to Media Arts and FTVNM high school students 15 years and over, and is a great opportunity for students engage with like-minded cinephiles.

Don’t miss out! Entries close 5 August. Find the entry link here!

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