Give feedback on Draft 1 Revised FTVNM General Syllabus

The QCAA has released Draft 1 of the revised FTVNM General syllabus for public consultation, due by 5 June (Monday Week 8).

When it comes to feedback on curriculum, the more responses we can provide, the better! 

The ATOMQld executive will be compiling a feedback submission next week on behalf of our professional association. We will share this with our members before submission to the QCAA. 

As the amount of feedback given is judged by the amount of surveys completed, not by the amount of people collaborating on the completion of one survey, we would encourage you to provide feedback individually to the QCAA as well. You are welcome to use the ATOMQld submission as your launch pad, to save time. 

Stakeholders are invited to:

  1. Read the syllabus review reports
  2. Review draft 1 of the revised General syllabuses
  3. Prepare feedback using the Public consultation – Draft 1 survey questions document
  4. Provide feedback to the QCAA before 5 June using the Draft 1 survey link.

Access the draft and survey link:…/senior…/draft-syllabuses

More information about the review processes and timelines:…/senior-syllabus-review…

QCAA memo:

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