2023 Screen Horizons Call for Abstracts

Presented by ATOM QLD and Essential Screen Skills and hosted at Bond University (Gold Coast)

It has been 10 years since ATOM Queensland has hosted the Australian Teachers of Media National Conference. We are excited to see our Queensland colleagues and proud to welcome back our interstate colleagues to the Sunshine State. Since the 2016 Screen Futures symposium ATOM has grown from ATOM Vic, ATOM QLD and ATOM WA to now include ATOM SA and ATOM NT. Screen Horizons is set to be a celebration of the excellence in Screen and Media education and industry practices that has been delivered nationally.

Screen Horizons encourages delegates to think critically and with anticipation about the issues, skills, qualities on the Horizon of Screen and Media education and industry in Australia, and globally. Importantly, ATOM Qld will curate a conference that will provide delegates with tangible takeaways that can be implemented in practice.

Delegates will include primary, secondary, and tertiary Screen and Media educators, generalist teachers, pre-service teachers, industry practitioners and academics.

We are looking for workshops and presentations aligned to the following topics:
*Teaching Media Arts key concepts – Media Technologies, Representations, Audiences, Institutions, Media Languages and Media Relationships.
*Media Arts practices across cultures and diverse perspectives
*First Nations perspectives in Media
*Teaching Media Literacy
*Media Arts in Primary School/Junior Secondary
*Screen and Media Pedagogy
*Screen and Media technical skills
*Screen and Media story craft skills (generating ideas, scriptwriting, storyboarding, developing a bible, developing a pitch deck etc)
*Screen and Media distribution (copyright, film festivals, screen funding, screen distribution etc)
*Inclusive practices in Media Education
*Mobile filmmaking/Short form Storytelling
*Emerging technologies and participatory culture
*Media industry pathways and futures
*Arts education advocacy and research

Workshops will need to include activities for delegates to complete during the presentation and link to the conference theme.


Summary of Abstract:

Title of Abstract: Mobile Animations

Have a mobile device? Use the iPad in the class? Refine the apps you use for animating. Delegates will get a hands-on crash course through a couple different types of animation and how to use free animation apps on mobile devices. You will walk away from this session with the skills for illustrated animation and stop motion animation. You must install FlipaClip, Animation Desk and Stop Motion Studio on your mobile device and have some objects at the ready such as lego or paper, pen, and scissors. Explore what’s on the horizon for mobile technologies with easy integration for your curriculum delivery.

model example for workshop with a note to delegates regarding prepatory material required.

Abstracts due by Sunday 19th February 11:59pm

2023 Screen Horizons ATOM Conference Abstract Call Out

Please note that if your proposed session has been selected the information and attachments you upload will be used for promotional materials. This abstract call out will be a competitive process and we aim to inform you of the outcome by the end of February if not sooner.

Professor, Dr, Mrs, Mx, Mr, Ms etc

Please indicate the platform for example: Twitter @atomqld Facebook page @atomlqd Linktree https://linktr.ee/essentialscreenskills

Please carefully label your headshot with your full name so that it is easily identifiable.

Additional headshot uploads are for proposed panels and co-presenters

Please ensure that you include any tech specifications or instructions for your delegates to fully engage with your session. See example abstract for reference of a workshop that calls on the delegate to install apps and bring materials.

Friday Masterclass is by invitation only. Film Screening – please include a link to a trailer or supporting material in Abstract summary.

Select the tags relevant to your proposed workshop/presentation To understand Media Arts key concepts (TRAILR) go to https://v9.australiancurriculum.edu.au/downloads/learning-areas and navigate to the The Arts – Media Arts – About the subject

If selected I agree to the terms and conditions listed above. We request your consent to the following clauses. Consent in advance enables us to curate a conference that is tailored to ensuring quality conference delivery for our delegates and futureproofs marketing collateral, reporting requirements and accessibility to workshop/presenter materials.

3 hours must only be selected for masterclasses

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