It’s jury call-out time! (for the European Film Academy Awards 2020)

Looking for an enrichment opportunity for your students? Look no further than the European Film Academy Young Audience Award 2020 – Youth Jury!

ATOMQld is proud to partner with the Asia Pacific Film Awards, who bring many exciting industry opportunities our way.

A sister organisation of the Asia Pacific Screen Awards, the European Film Awards honour the greatest achievements in European cinema. One of the awards presented is the European Film Academy Young Audience Award.

The three nominated films for 2020 are:

EFA 2020 YAA Films

(Find out more about ‘My Brother Chases Dinosaurs’ here, ‘My Extraordinary Summer with Tess’ here, and ‘Rocca Changes the World’ here.)

These three films will be simultaneously presented in noncommercial closed jury screenings on Sunday, 26th April 2020, through 40+ cities across Europe and for the third time, Brisbane, representing Australia.

ATOMQld is calling for students to be a part of the EFA Young Audience Jury that will view the three nominated films and vote for a winner.

Students will be required to attend the screenings, workshops and voting ceremony on Sunday, 26th April 2020 at Griffith Film School, Southbank from 8.30am to 6pm. Registered teachers from ATOMQld, as well as the APSA team from Brisbane Marketing, will be on site to facilitate the film viewing experiences and provide supervision on the day. Teachers do not need to attend, although you are very welcome to!

  • Members of the Young Audience Jury must: > be currently enrolled in Years 9 or 10 (but if you’ve got some eager Year 11s, this is also possible); > have an appreciation for non-Hollywood and foreign language films; > have demonstrated the capacity to articulate analytical and evaluative responses to moving-image media in both written and oral formats; > have a discerning understanding of the key concepts of languages and representations; > and attend an educational institution that has a current (individual or institution) ATOMQld membership

How to apply:

Students complete the two-page Entry Form using a written response to unseen stimulus to check for understanding of key concepts. ATOMQld has designed this entry form in a way that will allow you to check for understanding of key concepts, practice responding to stimulus, and could be delivered as a common formative assessment as part of your teaching sequence.

The application form involves a viewing of a clip from APSA-nominated ‘The Orphanage.’

(Entries are now closed)

ATOMQld will use these responses to select a jury of up to 40 students, as well as two jury speakers. Teachers will be informed of selected students via email in late March and provided with an information pack on the nominated films.

Entries close at midnight, Monday 30th March (Term 1 Week 10). Please email completed forms to

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