ATOM Qld Member Forums

Our Member Forums are back online!

All active members have been emailed an invitation to our new Member Forums. If you didn’t receive an invitation email, you can check your membership status here (UPDATE: all members are now logged in to the forums via their membership here at ATOM Qld — so if you login using the menu link above you can then navigate to the forums, click ‘login’ and you will be logged in automatically). If you don’t remember your login details, just click the ‘Forgot Password?’ link and enter your registered membership email address. You can also contact us if you wish to inquire about the status of your membership.

If your membership has expired, you can renew your membership using your previously registered email address by first logging in (use the ‘Forgot password?’ button if you can’t remember your previously registered account password) or you can sign up for a new account here.

By default, the Member Forums work like our old MailMan email system — every time a user posts to the forums with a question or a new resource, you will receive that content in an email. You can also reply to those emails and your reply will be posted back onto the forums and will be emailed to everyone. If that sounds like too many emails for you, once you’ve logged into the forums for the first time, you can update your email preferences by clicking your account icon in the top right corner, then the ‘cog’ icon, then select ‘preferences‘, then ‘emails‘ and uncheck the box under ‘Mailing list mode’. You can optionally turn on a ‘Digest‘ summary email (can be daily, weekly, monthly, etc) so that you still receive email summaries of what’s being discussed and shared on the forums, by clicking the checkbox in the ‘Activity Summary’ section above the ‘Mailing list mode’ section mentioned in the previous sentence.

And that’s it for now. We can’t wait to hear from everyone in the forums!

We’re really looking forward to seeing your questions and sharing resources with everyone. The Executive Members of ATOM Qld are all volunteers, so we look forward to all ATOM Qld members connecting and contributing to the forums to help us build, grow and support the Queensland media teaching community!

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