Ticket Questions /FAQ


Q: I’ve purchased a single day ticket but it doesn’t say which day I can use it.
A: Your single day ticket is valid for either day! If used on the Friday it will not then be valid for the Saturday. If not used on the Friday then it will be good to go on the Saturday.

Q: I need a tax invoice for my school
A: As a not-for-profit organisation, ATOM Queensland does not charge GST, therefore we don’t have a tax with which to invoice you. Your email confirmation contains the receipt information your school may need, including price, our ABN number and your order number which can be used as an invoice for your school.

Q: I’ve misplaced my email confirmation / tickets
A: Please let us know and we can resend your confirmation from eventbrite

Q: The jot form (session selector) doesn’t have the cinematography session
A: Sadly this session was cancelled, apologies for the inconvenience

Q: The jot form (session selector) didn’t let me choose sessions for just one day, when I only have a one day ticket
A: This error has been fixed – select away! Please let the exec team know if there are further questions! You can contact us via atomqld1@gmail.com The Exec Team ATOM Queensland

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