Story Structures on TikTok

Story Structures on TikTok

Kristina ChapmanD Block Auditorium & ONLINE

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Narrative structures within screen media frequently adapt and evolve to suit changes in mediums. TikTok has allowed traditional film movements and conventions to adapt into the 1-minute video platform. These structures can be seen within standalone videos and also within web series created specifically for the platform. This session looks are exploring these structures to allow high school students the opportunity to adapt these for either Unit 3, or a fun unit within ACARA.

Kristina Chapman

Kristina Chapman teaches Film, Television and New Media across secondary school. Currently she is working on her practice-led research for her Masters degree with a focus on narrative storytelling on TikTok. Her research looks at how TikTok’s interactive features may alter the narrative structure throughout the combined production and distribution of a web series.
Sat 2:05 pm - 3:05 pm
175 max
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