Directing Actors for Students and Teachers

Directing Actors for Students and Teachers

Mark DeereA Block Room 401 (4th floor) & ONLINE

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Do you often hear students saying things like- "I knew exactly what I wanted, but when I tried to explain it to my actors, they didn't do what I told them", or "I like film except for having to work with actors", or "My film would've been fine if I just could have gotten better actors"? These sorts of statements can easily be curbed with just a basic set of strategies that teachers can give to students during a single-class workshop that will greatly enhance students' confidence when trying to get better performances from whoever they have found to act in their films.

During this session we will first cover some basic ways to help foster better performances, then we will try them all out, and finally we will discuss how to pass these strategies on to students to help improve their films. If you've struggled with how to improve the performances you are seeing in your students' films, this session will give you a concrete method to help them more confidently work with actors in their future short films.

Mark Deere

Mark Deere is a filmmaker and teacher. Mark has a Bachelor of Multimedia (2005) and a Master of Creative Media (Film & TV Production) (2007). Mark worked in video production for ten years before transitioning to teaching full-time in 2016. In his time working in video production, Mark created countless corporate videos and TV advertisements professionally in addition to completing three independent feature-length films. In 2019, Mark completed a five-part web series 'Who Killed Romeo & Juliet?' as a school-based project, which was an 'official selection' at ten international festivals, winning awards at three- notably a 'Best Actress' award for the lead actress in the series. Mark thoroughly enjoys teaching film and was the recipient of the Helen Yeates Award for Excellence in Media Education in 2019. He completed his Master of Education in 2020.
Fri 3:15 pm - 4:15 pm
50 max
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