Exciting NEW Session – sign up now!

LexExciting NEW Session – sign up now! To replace Dr Penny’s talk on Saturday 1:30 to 3pm we have Lex Van Cooten speaking about “Virtual Reality: Rewriting the Rules of Narrative”.

Lex will also have 3 Virtual Reality booths for delegates to play with during Lunch time and afternoon tea!

Lex’s Facebook Group, Virtual Reality in Brisbane

Lex has been watching the reemergence of what has been called the ‘final medium’ since the beginning of 2014. By December of that year he launched the Brisbane VR Club which strives to support and educate the local community by connecting virtual reality developers with public outlets. With a obsessive passion for VR and it’s potential to disrupt education, entertainment, rehabilitation and retail sectors he is driven to make VR an everyday, life enhancing technology.
Rewriting the Rules of Narrative: Inspired by a talk given by Alex Kutulos at the recent TEDxUQ event, this presentation will be on current examples of cinematic experiences in Virtual Reality. The session will cover the present and future applications, as well as insight into opportunities for this technology to be delivered within the educational curriculum.


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